KB Express

KB Express
St. George, Utah
Custom Design


KB Express is a Southern Utah convenience store chain. Rainbow Sign was able to capture the customer's vision by tying the store into the local high school and the area’s environment. The previous stores we did for KB Express were heavily tied to the area high schools. We wanted to also include the unique environment of Southern Utah as a tie to the community. Usually, the challenge to a c-store is the lack of valance space. With this store, the challenge was to fill the space. The customer has had success with Rainbow Sign and Decorworx in the past by tying his c-stores with the area high school (logos, color palette). We included the area environment which tied into the color palette easily. We used wood trim, wallpaper and faux stacked stone with EPVC(Sintra) and acrylic letters. We did work with hikestgeorge.com to gather detailed info and photos of area hikes.

Products Offered

KB Express St. George Utah: Dessert Hills High School Gas Station

KB Express St. George


KB Express St. George: Dessert Hills

KB Express St. George

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