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Celebrate the Occasions help create some of their customers most memorable moments in their lives, and we can’t do that unless they create strong emotional connections with them on their first interaction with the brand.

Celebrate the Occasions has been offering the latest styles of wedding dresses, tuxedos and wedding accessories to Cedar City and Southern Utah for over 15 years. Their brand will give you one-on-one service with experienced and helpful consultants.

You will receive the personal attention that you can’t get from a bridal chain. They will help you choose the perfect gown and assist you every step-of-the way, from your initial fitting and alterations all the way through “I do”. Even if you’re in a hurry you can take your purchase home the day of.



The pairing of these two typefaces balance each other out when paired together, while making the overall look, feel classy but not too feminine.

The Celebrate the Occasions logo is considered a logotype since it is wholly composed of typography to create a visual. There are two typefaces used in the logo, a formal script and an elegant but strong serif that stands taller than standard serifs.

Typography & Colors



They wanted the brand to make the process of finding the perfect dress easy and memorable.

The imagery, no matter the subject matter, has to make an emotional connection by utilizing certain attributes. Those attributes include: a soft natural tonal warmth, deep depth-of-field, and the human touch.